Karol: Singin' In The Rain / by Khristen Wilson


The first week of the new year and I knocked out two amazing photoshoots with an equally amazing person.  

I had been really eager to shoot more and especially shoot more girls this year. I asked Karol and after about a month we finally got to work together. Our first shoot on Tuesday was almost disastrous as unexpected rain came through and it was BAD. Her hair was so wet and my jacket was drenched but we still got amazing shots.


The next day was a lot better as there wasn't any rain and it was fairly sunny which allowed for the sun to provide some nice natural lighting for some of the shots. In all this is my first shoot of the new year and my one of my favorite shoots I've done. Shout out to Karol for doing her first shoot and being super fun and easy to work with. You can follow her here.