New York Comic-Con 2017 by Khristen Wilson

For the fourth year in a row, I headed uptown to the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan and attended New York Comic-Con. This year was a bit different as in the last year I've moved on from my Canon T4i to a Canon 5D Mark II and I also had a 70-200 I borrowed from work that helped with some of the smooth backgrounds on some shots. 


The lighting provided on the show floor was decent, but it was when I got outside in the bright New York City sunlight that my shots reached a new level. This Wonder Woman was absolutely fire and it's one of my favorite shots of the whole Con. Plus Black Panther and Storm together is just magic, baby. 

NYCC Day 2-4123.jpg
NYCC Day 2-4095.jpg

I'm super excited for Comic-Con next year and hopefully, I can attend for all four days to get as many fire shots as I possibly can. Check out more shots below and click this link to see all the photos from New York Comic-Con 2017. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram as well. 

NYCC Day 2-3999.jpg
NYCC Day 2-3986.jpg
NYCC Day 2-4028.jpg

Karol: Singin' In The Rain by Khristen Wilson


The first week of the new year and I knocked out two amazing photoshoots with an equally amazing person.  

I had been really eager to shoot more and especially shoot more girls this year. I asked Karol and after about a month we finally got to work together. Our first shoot on Tuesday was almost disastrous as unexpected rain came through and it was BAD. Her hair was so wet and my jacket was drenched but we still got amazing shots.


The next day was a lot better as there wasn't any rain and it was fairly sunny which allowed for the sun to provide some nice natural lighting for some of the shots. In all this is my first shoot of the new year and my one of my favorite shoots I've done. Shout out to Karol for doing her first shoot and being super fun and easy to work with. You can follow her here.

Photos From: Evolve 74 by Khristen Wilson

EVOLVE 74 - December 10th, 2016 (Queens,New York)

Evolve is consistently one of the best wrestling experiences every month or so. Every show is stacked with talent and it's always exciting. This is also the first time I ever used my Canon 5D Mark II at a wrestling show. I came pretty late and had to stand pretty far away from the ring but I was armed with the 24-105 mm lens so I could zoom in a decent amount. I do wish I could shoot ringside, but its such a hassle at times. The lighting above the ring was pretty varying with a lot of different colors and brightness levels, so I had to edit them accordingly. If you like these let me know at my twitter. Peace, Bay-bee.